Thursday, September 06, 2001

BIO: Caracara (1999)

(1999) via Erik Breden

in Fictionalized Washington D.C. presumably

Well what could be the excuse for this one?: Okay, this is apparently a formula presidential assasination plot thing in which Caracara (a fine group of new world raptors in the Falcon subfamily) is a metaphor for the predatory nature of the assassins. But, and i haven't been able to find this thing (which apparently was so poor it ended up only on TV) to see for myself, but the collateral victim is apparently a falconer. Film word is the bird she carries is a Caracara, except that the bird she's carrying is really the baseline apprentice bird falconers train with -- a Harris's Hawk, which is neither a falcon, nor closely related to or of any real resemblance to a Caracara. It's a bird though, right?! As a side note i have some great pictures i took on the King Ranch in the 1970's of Harris's Hawks and Crested Caracaras side by side feeding on a pelican carcass. Thanks to Erik Breden who pointed this one out to me back about the time it was released. P.s. In the online movie trailer the name is pronounced like "Car -a Car-a" whilst most birders that i know say "Care-a Care-a" (there's room for disagreement here). And if you want to dig around in some birding egos check out the Texbirds listserv for the discussion over whether the Crested Caracara or the Golden Eagle is the national bird of Mexico.

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