Thursday, September 06, 2001

BIO: Finding Forrester (2000)

WARNING BIOSPOILERS -- Finding Forrester
(2000) tg, also Mike Mencotti (UMich Birders listserv)

Fictionalized Setting: Manhattan

The big error: Forrester is a reclusive, Pulitzer prize-winning author living in an essentially boarded up Manhattan apartment. Depending on how you view the film, either he discovers a young punk who is a great writer, or the kid discovers the long-lost Forrester. Whichever. Forrester, it turns out, is a birder (birdwatcher to the unbaptized), and with his young protege present, looks out his tenement window into a rather nice yard and discovers a warbler flitting about. Indeed, the camera catches a nice look at a Parulid warbler in a bush. Forrester identifies it as a Connecticut Warbler, and describes it as rare in this neck of the hoods. Unfortunately for the prize-winning author the bird pictured is not a Connecticut Warbler, but a Yellow Warbler. And one final bon mot -- Sean Connery, who plays Forrester, is himself a birder and might likely know better.

A further little twist is that the character James Bond, for which playing him in film made Connery a star, has a name that was taken from real-life ornithologist James Bond of the Philadelphia Academy of Science by the author of the novel from whom the script was adapted, Ian Fleming, himself an avid birder (and for whom possession of Bond's book Birds of the West Indies led to his use of the name).

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