Thursday, September 06, 2001

BIO: Guinevere (1993)

(1993) tg

Fictionalized Setting: Medieval Britain

Probable actual soundtrack species that are out of place
: Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal, American Crow

Probable Foley soundtrack species inappropriate for place: Common Loon, odd computer mixed amalgamation that sounds like a combo Boreal, Northern Saw-Whet and Eastern Screech-Owl

Discussion: All of the identified species on the soundtrack are native to North America. The fact that Blue Jay, American Crow and Northern Cardinal are on the background track (probably) is a simple indication that the scenes were filmed in North America not Britain, and the combination of the three makes it likely to have been filmed in the eastern US. Boreal Owl is circumpolar and a localized rarity in Britain, but most unlikely in the setting of the film, and further is strangely edited and obviously Foleyed. Common Loon is possible within the geographical locale, but is used in woodland backgrounds which would be nigh impossible and thus is also likely a Foley effect.

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