Thursday, March 17, 2005

ATH: The Big Dance

All right, bracket fever is all around. I never got off much to the pool thing or trying to accurately guess the outcome of 65 games or whatever it is these days. Like most of my sportswatching i pick teams to root for -- based on provinicalism, alma materism, or some other sentimental reason. So i end up picking a LOT of underdogs. But today even some of my upperdogs got knocked out. So here's my list of rootees and results -- decided to pick eight so as to make regional final picks (which didn't turn out like that anyway . . .).

University of Texas -- lost to Nevada in the first round
LSU -- lost to Alabama-Birmingham in the first round
Montana -- lost to Washington in the first round
New Mexico -- lost to Villanova in the first round
Connecticut -- lost to North Carolina State in the second round
Gonzaga -- lost to Texas Tech in the second round (won't hear the end of this!)
UTEP -- lost to Utah in the first round
Oklahoma -- lost to Utah in the second round

Update: Well that ends that on March 20, guess i'll just watch from the sidelines!

Here's the scoreboards


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