Friday, March 25, 2005

ATH: Tivy girls bow out

The Tivy girls soccer team had their season ended tonight by a very fast and deliberate New Braunfels squad. The final score was 5-1, which tells the story in an odd way.

First, the Tivy girls fairly dominated the first half and the first 15 minutes of the second half. Only in the last 25 minutes did they appear worn and unable to keep up the pace. However, all six goals were scored in that first three-quarters.

I suspect we're looking at some NB class as the reason the score did not grow.

I missed the first goal so can't speak for it except that it occurred very early in the game. The goal that made it 2-0 NB was a brilliant breakaway with a ball perfectly chipped over the top of an onrushing keeper. Tivy shortly ran it to 2-1 with a precisely returned rebound off a corner kick.

The third NB goal was on another breakaway and was slammed from the right side. That made three straight beautiful goals.

The fourth NB goal, just before halftime, resulted from a defensive error followed by a reluctance to charge by the keeper. It was simply an easy and not particularly pretty goal.

The only goal of the second half came off a penalty kick, a deserved one, from a takeout in the box.

Beyond that Tivy was a dominant offensive force, controlling their end of the field much of the game, but generally unable to unleash any shots. NB depended mostly on retaining defensive and midfield control and taking advantage of a crowded defensive third to break out. Their speed was the major deciding factor.

The Tivy girls, though knocked out in the first round this year, still maintained a perfect eight-year record of making the playoffs. That's every year the girls program has existed. If you count that the girls were playing on the boys' team until then, then there is a nine-year playoff stretch for them.

Coach Shannon Sletten is the guiding force behind this tremendous run and she is to be abundantly celebrated for what she has done with the program. She is the only coach in the program's history, is the longest tenured soccer coach at any level in Kerrville, and took in her 100th win this past week. Congrats to her and all the girls.

Update: from the Kerrville Daily Times


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