Tuesday, March 29, 2005

COM: Additional reads

Some additional reads on news stories of the past couple of weeks:

Red Lake
from CNN: Tribal chairman's son arrested
from The New York Times: Tribe dismayed over arrest

Terri Schiavo
from MSNBC: Original doctor on CT scan
an extensive discussion at Respectful of Otters
from Keith Olbermann

and not of such gravity, but discussed here previously:

from MSNBC: Disney-Miramax divorce

and some new stuff

from CNN: Burial of ashes

a paper that someone will find on the net someday and submit again for class credit . . . more here thanks to A Week of Kindness

kickin' bike video -- i think this kind of thing gives a whole new meaning to public art via Blogs, etc. who also shares this creepy biomimetic robot


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