Saturday, March 26, 2005

COM: Anarchy from within

Some random thoughts and pictures . . .

There's something about the government ignoring the law. As in Jeb sending state police to do a kidnapping (that's too strong a word really but i can't come up with something more neutral that decribes the defiant aspect of it). And if he/they have gone to that extent why back down? (Actually i suspect the courtesy call, one cop to another, was an inside effort avoid a crisis, and a well called one -- but why do we have to leave it to law enforcement to keep chief executives in check?)

The only parallel i can come up with is the national guard aiding integration efforts in the south in the 60s.

Some feeling that any minute, should any of these overt government-rebelling-against-government actions actually succeed, that we'd be looking at an imminent implosion of government as we know it.

In the face of the anarchy of the governor, how could any case against the "trespassers" who stepped across a line to symbolically take water to Schiavo stand up in court.

An inkling that the gay marriage tiff was the instigating factor in all this, and that in the end analysis it may have been productive.

And anyone else wonder about the message sent by Terri Schiavo's condition being brought about by bulimia, itself self-starvation.

There is too much irony here to assimilate.

Speaking of which, Hesiod at American Street notes that in arguments before Judge Greer lawyers argued that stem cell research might eventually lead to a cure for Schiavo. (head scratch, dull questioning sigh, begins to sink in . . .).


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