Thursday, March 31, 2005

COM: Continuing reads

Sad day all around . . .

The Pope
Given last rites from CNN
Fever, infection from MSNBC
Cardiac collapse from the New York Times

This may be soon. Worldwide mourning may cleanse the news docket of the ugliness of the last few weeks.

Terri Schiavo
Family forgiveness from CNN
Battle not over from MSNBC

While i have posted vigorously on the silliness of the circus, i have always felt conflicted internally (as i posted in my original notes on this), felt grief for both families, and i welled up at news of her actual death this morning.

I continue to feel anger at the hangers-on, the exploiters, the hypocrites, the professional camera-seekers, the hate-mongers, and the surrogate gods (see Mark. A.R. Kleiman via Kevin Drum).

Nevertheless, there is relief that she is gone, for her sake, and for the family's (every side). I am most particularly grateful for the forgiveness and humility of the Schindler family in the aftermath. Perhaps their priestly "spokesmen" and other bullhorns could learn some grace and class from them.

This is certainly not the end of the acrimony, but . . .

it's time to move on . . .


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