Wednesday, March 16, 2005

COM: Film incentives

From Pink Dome we have the details of the new bill to increase incentives for bringing film productions to Texas:

We think that Texas is a great state, and we love films being shot in our state. Well, except when they tie up downtown traffic (we remember "Miss Congeniality"!). We learn from one of our mailing lists that bills are being proposed in the House and Senate that would provide incentives to films that shoot in Texas. Let's keep films that take place in Texas in Texas. We read a few months ago that New Mexico was setting up a killer incentive program, and we can't have them beat us!

Following is the e-mail we were sent.

Film projects bring $200,000,000 directly into the Texas economy each year, but our share of the film industry is being increasingly threatened by aggressive incentives offered by other states and Canada. Even producers who want to work in Texas often cannot because we do not have financial incentives comparable to those offered by other states.

. . .

A one-time appropriation of $30 million is sought, $20 million for film and $10 million for tourism, spread over two years. The incentives are based on payroll, so the more Texans you hire, the more you get back, up to 20% of payroll. If you film outside Houston, Dallas or Austin, you can get up to 25% back.

Update: Interesting that i just received the state film office email through three different film groups i'm involved in, and from the state office itself. More oddly interesting that i found it first on a blog (thanks Pink Dome!), then through the list serves, and last from the horse.


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