Friday, March 18, 2005

COM: Following up . . .

. . . on some things i've been posting about . . .

Here's more on the donkey ride to Bethlehem:

They Don't Shoot Donkeys . . . Do They?
From Peacefile and followed up by reprints in CounterPunch and ViolaChic

and another reprint of Why Can't We Go To Jerusalem On A Donkey?
from Ekklesia

Here's more on the Heflin-Vo fiasco from The Texas Civil Rights Review:

How Do You Like Our Kuff Links?

I've been commenting on other blogs about Rep. Edwards' apparent defection, so here's a roundup on that from OffTheKuff (an exceptional blog!):

2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate?

And about torture, which i've been meaning to pontificate on (let's just say that i'm totally opposed in any circumstance for now), but here's a lengthy set of thought-provokers (along with the usual shrill arguments from a certain faction that continues to be their own worst enemies -- which i love). From DailyKos (another exceptional blog!):

Torturing People Can Be Fun


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