Monday, March 28, 2005

COM: Help of the best kind

Okay, i'm dumb, i post my name everywhere on the net. I have two blogs, and about 25 websites, etc. But i'm also a top-tier privacy fighter. I don't believe people should have access to anything about you that you don't want them to have.

So, i'm especially peeved about going to a website and having to "register". While most newspapers (who are the worst about this) claim to just want demographic info, and won't sell your vitals, etc. It just bugs the snot out of me that i even have to give them the info. If it's just demographic, why my name -- i feel like John Proctor in The Crucible here.

Well, they might say, we're providing you a service, a FREE service at that, the least you can do is give us your name . . . .

Well, i think paying for a paper, which is anonymous, is better than the free content. It's just that i have to drive 20 minutes to town to get a paper, and then find me anything from Washingon . . .

And it smacks of Patriot Act fanatics going through library and book store records. It's none of your dang business. Get it. Get out of my life. (And yeah i know about IPs . . . i'm still mad.)

So, rant, rant, rant. It just ticks me off. When i can i try to completely fake an ID and even better, even if i have to give a real name/email address i still completely fake everything in the demographics, just to skew your data -- so there.

And if that doesn't work, i just go elsewhere (and sometimes i don't even bother with the tricks, i just leave). I imagine a lot of other frustrated folks do the same. So, paperpeople, you're losing readers with this stupidity.

Can you tell i'm ticked off. Well, i am.

And that's why i'm beside myself at this gem which is a wonderful piece of ingenuity. It's only downside is that you have to go there everytime you want to bypass. Nevertheless, for important things you can't otherwise read, it's magic. If it's not that important, well paperpeople, you're still losing readers with this stupidity.

So thanks to you, whoever you are, and to Alas, a blog for pointing this out.


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