Wednesday, March 23, 2005

COM: Living part 2

Predated to move to top of list until this resolves itself.

Hmm . . . aren't Congress and that certain shrill faction who are their own worst enemy acting as activist judges themselves here (and without even being judges?)

From Tues, March 22: The case went to a federal judge and he said no too. What now? Appeals?

Update: Yep, 11th Circuit in Atlanta.

Update 2: Another important read from the Columbia Journalism Review.

And another from Salon (advertising wait involved).

And from Dahlia Lithwick on Jurisprudence at

Update Wed, March 23rd: 11th Circuit rejects 2-1.

Appeal to 11th Circuit full panel rejects 10-2.

Florida Court rejects renewed attempt by Jeb Bush.

Supreme Court next to rule. What's left after that?

Stories from:


And background from The New England Journal of Medicine:

by Timothy E Quill

by George J. Annas

And commentary from Molly Ivins and Pandagon


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