Saturday, March 26, 2005

COM: Living part 4

Just continuing links.

Late Sunday, March 27:

Schindlers resigned MSNBC

Rainier conscious and stable MSNBC

Pope appears for Easter MSNBC

Purpose at Red Lake MSNBC

And just for a taste of cynicism i'd bet the Red Lake Nation is just excited as peaches to have the FBI running around in charge. FBI + Reservation = reservations.

Late Saturday, March 26:

Some acceptance CNN


Teaching us all about dignity CNN
and The Long Road to Healing New York Times

More irony, or is it just bad faith:

Is it possible this (New York Times) had something to do
with this? (Los Angeles Times)

And way too much of nothing way too late (Yahoo News).

Thanks to Crooked Timber and DailyKos for the outrage

On Terri Schiavo

Update: Billmon at Whiskey Bar in an eloquent discourse on exactly what i've been saying all along.



Kevin Drum -- HOLY COW!

More on that from Steve Gilliard
who has blogged extensively on the issue

Lean Left

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On Jeff Weise

Orcinus -- The Succubus

Orcinus -- The Fruits of Hate

Pandagon -- The Culture of White Life

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Red Lake


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