Friday, March 25, 2005

COM: On the misogyny of blogging

I don't want to sound really stupid here, but . . .

Lots of talk on blogs on the dominance of "whales" (white males) in the blogosphere. Lots of fuming over the lack of ascendancy (looks real) and sheer numerical subservience (is real, but why?) of female (and minority) bloggers.

Much is made of cross-linking, cliquishness and blatant misogyny.

I only see elements of this from that hate-filled certain shrill faction that is its own worst enemy. And i avoid them anyway.

The problem with me, as i see it, is that i blogroll everything i like. And for the most part (i tested this by canvassing my own list) i don't have any clue what the sex is of any given blogger beyond those who blast it by name, like Kevin Drum, and certain others who sign their names (and then i'm possibly making assumptions i shouldn't make). Most blogger pseudonyms seem mighty ambiguous, or sexless, to me.

So, beyond my head-scratching over sheer numbers (this does seem to be wide-open to anyone, so there seems to be no barrier), i don't see where i personally can do any more than to be blind to who i link to.

I would be interested in someone else independently analyzing my blogroll for biases (besides the self-admitted obvious ones -- liberal, pro-rights, cinematic, musical, scientific -- and i hope those aren't Harvardy topics that by themselves are "inherently" biased, they're just what i like . . .).


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