Saturday, March 26, 2005

COM: On the pope

One can probably dig around and find my leanings on this site. Nevertheless, and despite the conundra involved, it will be a very sad day in my life when Pope John Paul II passes on. And i want to say this before that time comes -- In a world full of agendas, of leaders with their own personal demons flailing about beneath masks of the "culture of life", there is only one person who actually embodies a purity of heart, of believing in every life-affirming statement and stand he makes. And that's this pope. I have full and absolute respect for him as having objected to war, objected to state-administered death, having stood up for those who could not speak and, perhaps most of all, for having made honest attempt after attempt to apologize for and mitigate the sins of the church over the centuries. He is, in my mind, truly a living symbol of peace. Here's hoping there is someone who can come close to filling his shoes.

Not that i want to participate in another deathwatch, but since he has spoken today about his time being near i am going to begin posting links here to articles that focus on his legacy.


The New York Times

From March 27, 2005
Pope appears for Easter from MSNBC

From March 31, 2005
Given last rites from CNN

Fever, infection from MSNBC

This may be soon. Worldwide mourning may cleanse the news docket of the ugliness of the last few weeks.

Cardiac collapse from the New York Times


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