Wednesday, March 30, 2005

COM: Shut my mouth . . .

Wick Allison, editor of D Magazine, lets fly on Burnt Orange Report. Here's an excerpt.

(Byron LaMasters) . . . Wick Allison has responded by saying that the Park Cities People editorial was correct as he stated via email that "Anglo society is superior to Hispanic society". I would say that such a statement is racially insensitve at best, and is reflective of the attitude held by many north Dallas and Park Cities Republicans that is usually said in private, but usually does not make waves into the mainstream media. Read the full email in the extended entry:

But it IS an unpleasant fact. Anglo society is superior to Hispanic society. Why do you think so many Hispanics want to be here? How many Anglos are fleeing the other direction? . . .

. . . It is a fine and wonderful thing to celebrate the different cultures that form our country, but it would be suicide to acquiesce to them. Hispanics flee their culture for a reason. The point of the editorial was to point out the dangers if we do not spend money now to educate and enculturate the new majority, which by the way increasingly consists of illegal aliens. I think the use of the word "alien" is interesting, because they are alien to our culture and way of thinking. So were the Jews and the Italians and the Irish at one time, but the nation made a whole-hearted effort to "Anglicize" them--that's why public education was started in the first place.
I was once of the opinion (as an idealistic youth) that the world evolving into an all-loving, all-supportive society was merely a matter of awaiting the death of all the old racist fuddy-duddies. I still harbor some of that idealism. Not that someone can't divest me of it on a daily basis.

Being a hermit never looked so good.

Read the rest here.


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