Wednesday, March 16, 2005

COM: Taxes . . .

From my friends at Burnt Orange Report comes the first layer of lowdown on our new tax behemoth HB3. While i have tried to work on issues here occasionally i was trying to avoid ugly politics (of which i am quite capable). But HB3 is under bipartisan attack so i hope my conservative friends will pardon my continuation of this lambasting.

Republicans took new hold of the House a few weeks ago determined, or so it seemed, to reduce property taxes. It looked like that was a gone idea until the actual bill passed with a modest such tax cut. But as you'll read by following BOR, it was cancelled out by the addition of a payroll tax, which of course, will be passed down to employees in reduced raises, bonuses and incentives, and to new employees as lowered bottom lines with fewer opportunities for advancement. The net effect is an income tax with no opportunity to recoup via deduction, once again slamming the poorest of workers harder than anyone else.

So somehow, by slipping in a vile increase, economic conservatives seem to have once again backhandedly slowed the recovery from recession and punished those who make the clock work.

Let's have another election now!

From Burnt Orange Report:

Via Quorum Report is news that major conservative organizations are increasingly vocal in their opposition to HB 3. HB 3 passed 78-70 . . . on the second reading on Monday. Yesterday, two conservative organizations released statements on the issue. The Young Conservatives of Texas wrote:

The Republican-led Texas House of Representatives has taken a big step toward doing what Democrats could not do in over 120 consecutive years in power – enacting a virtual state income tax. For many years, Texas Republicans advocated fiscal restraint, and their opposition to a state income tax was axiomatic. Those days are long over, and Speaker Tom Craddick (R-Midland) is to blame.

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