Saturday, March 26, 2005

MSC: Apotheosis Tivyite

Another local voice appears headed for recognition.

Dustin Lenard, a superbly talented singer hailing from Tivy High School, is now a part of Apotheosis, an all-male a cappella group out of Texas A&M.

I only know this because of a poster hanging at Hastings advertising a coming show in Kerrville. I forgot the details but will get them and post them here.

The subliminally deifying aspirations of the group's name made me think it was a Christian-oriented group. It may be, but their website seems to indicate a broader approach:

Since 1997, the Texas A&M campus has been exposed to a different kind of music through the vocal talents of the all-male group Apotheosis. With as few as 7 guys and as many as 12, this group performs contemporary a cappella music across the campus, state, and even across the nation. Their unique style of unaccompanied vocal arrangements from today's popular music scene including Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, Peter Gabriel and even Weezer, is always performed with energy, artistry and emotion and has thrilled audiences wherever Apotheosis performs.


This is Dustin's second semester with Apotheosis, and he currently resides as the Business Manager for the group. This summer he is working with the ministry team at the Kerrville Church of Christ. Amen.

Regardless, i imagine it will be a fun listen. More details to follow.

Update: The Tivy Aggie Mom's are sponsoring the show at 7:00 p.m. April 2 at Tivy High School.


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