Friday, March 18, 2005

MSC: Mysteries

Okay Peter, Mr. Astrophysicist, here's some cool conundra for you to start working on. I expect answers from you by 2010.

13 Things That Do Not Make Sense from New Scientist

Update, March 24: Okay, here's what i think's a bit funny. I do the blog thing as commentary, i do the spread the links thing, i also do a little not-usual-blog thing in that i post notes to specific friends, and the folks who are my cast and crew on films. Well, (without trying to be boastful which i loathe; but still like to see some of these things . . .) i once got picked up nationally, but otherwise my posts have not been much spread around, especially since so much is a) personal, b) local, and c) recycled. So imagine my surprise that this post, which was meant as a teaser for Peter Navarra who plans to be an astrophysicist (and appears in two of my films and is intrigued by these things), was first picked up by OffTheKuff, and then that was picked up by A Little Pollyanna and Frothing at the Mouth. Course it really had to do with how cool the article is to begin with.


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