Saturday, March 26, 2005

REV: Dogtown

When the trailer jumped up on the screen (the last one prior to the feature tonight -- a good sign) and The James Gangs' Funk #49 was blasting i knew that whatever film was about to preview was at least about good taste, and about my "era". It was.

And it was also about one of my most anticipated films -- The Lords of Dogtown. Based on the true life story of the Z-Boys, surfer/skater heroes of the down and out Dogtown at Venice Beach, the story itself has been daring someone to take hold and film it.

The legendary documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys notwithstanding, there is promise in the feats of these kids -- like Miracle, a story of triumph, unlike Miracle, about a group that not only conquered but literally changed the world they were a part of.

For one thing, and you know when i have a connection i let it fly, it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke. She's one of three classmates from "those" years who have gone off to make big in Hollywood. The others, Robert Roy Pool and Dan York, went straight at it as producers/writers. Catherine came the long way 'round, working as a production designer (for which she won awards and raves) before coming into her own film by way of her own story -- Thirteen.

That story was powerful enough to have apparently gained her an in as a director and this is her first resultant project. That it was about a group of my heroes (in the youth idolization sense) was gravy. And it's of Catherine's time as well, and judging by the brevity of the trailer she nailed the flavor in much the same way that Dazed & Confused (that other story of my formative years) did. I often wonder if everyone has a film or films that so accurately captures their own time, their own lives?

The trailer is ripe with flash, filled as one would expect of a surf/skate film, with broad vistas, sobering real life stunts, and the promise of youthful wildness and memory. Here's hoping that the film lives up to it. I can't wait.

Due June 3, 2005.

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