Wednesday, April 06, 2005

COM: Ailing rulers

Prince Rainier dead at 81 from CNN

From The New York Times

Update: this being redated to put it up front now that his passing has occurred. More articles as they appear.

From March 26, 2005
My father was a lawyer, judge and politician. He died 30 years ago and to this day i know only sketchy details of some of what he accomplished. What i know is we hosted governors and a presidential candidate, and lots of "business" occurred in the rarefied spaces around our family.

I was quite young during the heady years of all this -- my early teens at the latest -- that time when you really begin to absorb the world around you. We lived in south Texas, and much of whatever business was going on took place in Mexico. I have no handle on the number of times this happened, but there were many flights and some long stays in Mexico City, ostensibly on some business in the capitol.

During those stays we often were enveloped in the visit of some dignitary. This is one of those fuzzy things for me -- i don't know if it was coincidence, or if our presence had something to do with those visits. I do know that i got to see several of the world's reigning families -- the Kings and Queens of Spain and Belgium, and Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. These were not face to face meetings, at least for me. The "contacts" were usually me standing on a balcony as they passed in parade below. But they were still indelibly etched in my mind as having been something important.

So, this in remembrance as Prince Rainier apparently approaches death.

CNN: Prince's health worsens

p.s. I think it's funny that i've met two Presidents of Mexico, seen the aforementioned royalty, met three Texas governors, seen three U.S. Presidential candidates, two popes, and two first ladies, but never seen a sitting or past U.S. President. Just luck i guess.

Later notes on Prince Rainier are being added here for archive purposes:

Rainier conscious and stable MSNBC


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