Friday, April 15, 2005

COM: Okay here's how i do this

I got an email from a friend today, a half-joking email, but one i took seriously. The question was asked: how in the world do you keep up with all those blogs (on my blogroll)? Well, of course i don't.

I'm kind of an addicted link collector for one. I use them as my own private favorites list in a way. When i want to find something i know where it is.

To get on my blogroll, this has to happen: a) you sparked my interest with something you wrote; b) you're a friend of mine; c) your politics match mine; d) you linked to me or cited me in your blog; or e) you paid me lots of money.

Ignoring the fact that (e) hasn't happened yet (in fact not even a little money); and ignoring the fact that i'm morally opposed to accepting cash for blogging; let's just say that most blogs on my roll actually have some combination of those things going for them.

So, no i don't track them all the time. I do try to get to each of them on some kind of regular basis, but i actually read about 6 to a dozen a day (on a goodly day).

So what i thought i'd do here is compile a kind of favorites list -- these are the blogs that i visit daily or nearly so. They are in two groups -- politics and everything else. They are my must reads. I hope my friends aren't offended, but you guys need to post more, i can catch up on most of your blogs by reading them once a week.

P.s., if you're thinking about checking these out, and you find out in the first couple that my politics don't lean your way, you might want to just skip the rest.

Go to the link in my blogroll to the left . . .

Well dang, never-dang-mind. That was a horrible exercise. Basically, if it's in my blogroll over there then it has something good going for it. I can't believe how many blogs i read regularly, and how many are so dang good! I'm embarrassed . . . that list i was making just got huge . . . so i am abandoning it.

Instead here is a sampling of pure eye and brain candy (with little politics, although plenty of culture wars). . . i hope this offers something a little different than your usual reading.

Overheard in New York
Family Scholars Blog
GreenCine Daily
Language Log
Majorly English
U.S. National Soccer Team Players blog

Okay, okay, enough, i gotta quit before i add everything again . . .


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