Friday, April 01, 2005

COM: Pet peeve #437

Okay, how about it when the press, newspapers notably, spend 1500 words discussing the pros and cons of a website as they perceive it. Or talk at length about a website that played a part in the news somewhere. Or even spend an entire article raving about how wonderful a site is. And then . . .

Never provide the address (as in URL or link) or even a useful Google hint, so that we, the public, can judge for ourselves. I guess that's the point isn't it. We can't handle the truth, so we must allow the press to make our judgments for us.

Personally i like reading papers and news sites, but this is another reason why they're losing out. They can't provide even the most basic of information.

I saw three sectional headline stories today talking about the government website for parents of teens. You'd think it was a high, holy secret. Thanks to Maggie Shillagher at American Street for pointing out that it's at I'm sure as i surf my evening blogs i'll find more instances of someone pointing this out. By the way, if you're searching on a search engine, or guessing at URLs, would you have guessed 4parents?

Update: Unbelievable! The next time i check out a major article, voila, there is the website. Is someone trying to make a liar of me or what?

From CNN:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An array of advocacy groups are calling on the U.S. government to take down one of its new Web sites, saying it presents biased and inaccurate advice to parents on how to talk to their children about sex. The site -- -- stresses the promotion of abstinence.


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