Thursday, April 21, 2005

ITM: Thespians at Regionals in Kingsville

Well, it was the end of the road for Ingram and The Crucible yesterday in Kingsville. The shame of it all was that they did a great job, and once again i felt like they blew everyone away. If Wimberley, with their outstanding show wins state i think the Ingram kids can beam with the knowledge that they beat the state champs several times on their way to the top.

(Note to the Wimberley folks who visit this blog, sorry for the provinciality here -- i really liked your show, just thought ours was better -- best of luck at state!)

The judge was apparently looking for something different this time. My biggest concern is that the other show that moved on to state was the one i'd judged to be the worst of the six i saw. Aransas Pass' The Miss Firecracker Contest just seemed jumbled and non-sequiturish and was not smooth in many ways. It also suffered i thought from a lackadaisical set and uninspired use of the space. Having said that, i think they were some nice performances in it -- especially the young man who played Mac Sam. But it's not a piece that will win at state.

Wimberley gave a flat performance i thought compared to their usually antic show. But when you have a good show, well it can shine even when the cast is down. I'd been thinking all along that Jonah Priour's only competition for Best Actor at each level was Will Harrison as Peachums. Will finally won the award here. Helyn Messinger as Mrs. Peachums was the Best Actress. I'd also give kudos to three other actors at Wimberley who i think shine in a cast of excellent actors -- Julia Trinidad, Andrew Patoski and Harry Tork. And i hope they win state.

For Ingram, Cadi Hawkins won her second Honorable Mention All-Star Cast award. Jonah, unbelievably won Honorable Mention -- that award makes absolutely no sense at all to me. Jonah was the best actor on the stage. Aaron Hutto certainly was stiff competition for Jonah, and was awarded with All-Star Cast. Congrats to the award winners.

Finally i want to thank everyone involved in the show for having a superb season, for having broken a big barrier for Ingram's program, and for having performed well enough to win state, even if the chance has escaped.

To Holly Riedel, Roy Burney and Marie Cearley for their excellent direction, herding, support, and loving of that bunch of great kids.

To Gary and Carol Priour, Freddie and Chaille Hawkins, and Chad Varner for doing all the behind the scenes extra things that can make the difference.

To Kevin Chipman, Garrett Brown and Dustin Ficker for handling the lights and sound so well.

To Wes Isenhower for being what the directors will tell you was the "perfect" stage manager -- and he was. And to his superb assistant Lauren Hensley.

To Amanda Wortham, Summer White, Chris Wilson, Ryan King, Chris Ford, Hilary Bunker, Mari Aleman and Shana Baldwin for being the alternates ready to step in (and doing so from time to time).

And to that wonderful cast -- Jonah Priour, Lillian Beaudoin, Meggie Nidever, Aaron Hutto, Patrick Wade, John Ferguson, Whiteny Wilson, Cadi Hawkins, Suzanne Attridge, Jeff Widener, Gary Givens, Allyson Widener, Mindy Cox, Mikaela Lewis, and Anthony Goodman -- what a fantastic piece of art you created.

Good luck in the future to all the graduates, and see ya next year to everyone else.

P.s. Be sure to check out Gary Givens' blog for his view.


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