Wednesday, April 20, 2005

REV: National Poetry Month -- Sam Skeist

Kathleen Hudson and i skipped down to San Antonio to the Puro Slam at Sam's Burger Joint with getting-not-so-young-amymore Sam Skeist for a night of words and fun.

Sam's in from Wuhan, China, where he teaches English.

I'll tell the story some other time perhaps, but for now i want everyone with an interest to enjoy Sam's words. He is a talent, period.

I earlier celebrated Naomi Shihab Nye for National Poetry Month. As the month draws to a close, it's time to celebrate Sam.

Some of his work has been posted on my other blog, and i'll be posting more in the next few days, so come back and visit a few times. Some of his older material is also posted at his website and in my ezine, The Black Widow & The Brown Recluse.

Poems posted on my blog vignettes&vendettas

Sam's Website

The Black Widow & The Brown Recluse


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