Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ENV: Media garbage

This totally wrong caption on a picture on MSNBC:

The [white] alligators are not albinos but a rare and endangered species.
Just 18 of the animals have been found in Louisiana's swamps.

They are, of course, albinos. They are partially albino, having some natural
colored soft-parts, but albinos nonetheless. Someone obviously misread a dated
sign. Alligators, all of them including albinos, were once rare and endangered,
but have now recovered to the point that they are hunted in Gulf Coast states.
The implication of the caption is that the white individuals are a separate
species, itself rare and endangered. Hogwash. Someone needs to learn to read,
digest, learn, and maybe ask a few questions. So much for the ongoing ignorance
of science by mainstream media, which should be a great ally in education of the

Another picture caption in the same series spreads another "inaccuracy":

The ring-tailed lemur is the only member of the lemur family that does not spend
all of it's time in the trees. In the wild, the ringtail spends about 15 percent
of the day on the ground.

Several of the large lemurs spend significant time on the ground. Period.

It's a flash document or i'd give you the link . . .


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