Saturday, May 07, 2005

ENV: New stuff!


Lots of great bug book news, some of which i'll repeat here from other sources and some of it maybe new to you.

First, Dr. Abbott announced the much-anticipated receipt of his book this week. It promises to be another huge addition to our base of knowledge. Congrats to the good doc.

Here's the link again:

In answering a couple of questions on Tx-Butterfly, Mike Quinn announced that Forrest Mitchell and James Lasswell's A Dazzle of Dragonflies is now out from Texas A&M Press. Looking forward to this baby!

Find it here:

They'll be doing book-signings at Dragonfly Days coming up.

Nick Block noted on TX-Butterfly he'd discovered the imminent publication of a revised edition of the Damselflies of North America (Westfall and May).

check it out here:

And, in another homeboy development and a big plus in the Ode PR Department, Greg Lasley has a great spread of an article in Texas Highways this month in a story by Stott Williams. Congrats dude.

Here's the Mag's website synopsis:

Enter the Dragonflies
By Stott Williams, Photographs by Greg Lasley
Move over, birds and butterflies. Each May, the Rio Grande Valley city of Weslaco celebrates the heightened interest in another spectacular winged creature—the dragonfly.

Note the title's play on Enter the Dragon, a Bruce Lee biopic.

And finally, for all-around bug folks, Mike raves about this new one, on a topic we've needed a guide for for a long time:

Caterpillars in the Field and Garden: A Field Guide to the Butterfly Caterpillars of North America
Thomas J. Allen, Jim P. Brock and Jeffrey Glassberg. 2005.
Oxford University Press, Oxford. 232 pp.

"One of the most incredible lepidoptera publications I've seen in a long time... Unbelievable... My congratulations to the authors." Mike Quinn, Austin

Get your ownself to a store and get these Ode-ious wonders. Gonna be some light wallets in the next few weeks . . .

And a big reminder . . .The sixth annual Dragonfly Days is just two weeks away. I'm sure Martin and his crew would love to have you visit Weslaco this year.

This year's lineup of speakers includes a kitchen sink of odonate pre-eminence including: Dennis Paulson, Sid Dunkle, Bob Behrstock, Forrest Mitchell, Richard Lehmann and James Lasswell.

I thought last year's lineup that also included Kathy Biggs, Terry Fuller and John Abbott was superb -- this year's will be just as enlightening.

Check out the details here.

Also, here are a couple of blogs out there devoted to Michigan Odonates that may interest you.

Urban Dragon Hunters at:

and Michigan Odonotes at:

From the first i picked up that Williamsonia has a new online pdf issue out.

It's at: Williamsonia

and includes an article on Epitheca ID.


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