Saturday, May 07, 2005

ENV: Not a day for flyers

Not only was Chris Anderson having a muggy day here trying to find Hetaerina titia in the river woodlands for his behavioral ecology work, but Greg Lasley dropped by with the eminent Danish odonatist Erland Nielsen after trolling the Hill Country all day for a lousy half-dozen odes. At least here we scrounged up a half-dozen species for him, but no great showing like we've had. And all this due to wind, cool temps (never cracked 70! and this is Texas in May!), and heavy overcast and ocassional drizzly icky stuff (that i normally kinda like, but puts a damper on living up to local fauna boasts).

So, tomorrow looks not much better and as i write this i'm watching a line of thunderstorms close in by radar. No bueno.

You can find Greg's website linked off to the left there under fauna, and Chris and Erland's sites under Odonata.


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