Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ENV: The return of some Alabama snails

Well, they're no Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the charisma department, but the Nature Conservancy is set to announce the rediscovery of three species of aquatic Alabama river snails thought to have become extinct in the last few years.

And since it's a group i work on i thought i'd share the news!

Jeff Garner and Stephanie Clark are responsible for diving into the much-dammed Coosa and Cahaba Rivers and refinding the Cahaba Pebblesnail (Clappia cahabaensis), the Cobble Elimia (Elimia vanuxemiana) and the Nodulose Coosa River Snail (Elimia lachryma) (these last two related to the Comal Springsnail, Elimia comalensis comalensis, endemic to the Hill Country, and for which i have some pictures posted on my website here).

Here's some more of the story:

From ABC News

And while we're here, we keep introducing things that wreak havoc on our environment. So check this new one out.


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