Sunday, May 08, 2005

ENV: Something that didn't leak . . .

. . . and should have . . . the leak about the leak.

In all the governmentitas and back-slapping and shared partnershipping and glowing, if reserved, pronouncements about the fate of the world in the face of the rediscovery of one of the most charismatic symbols of modern-day environmentalism, there slipped past one little off-key note.

Those of us firmly entrenched in the "bird" world, birders, ornithologists and straddlers, are still somewhat agog over the secrecy involved in the Ivory-bill project. Not that it was a bad thing, but that it actually happened!

So here i am, arguing of late in favor of the USFWS, the feds, whom i am often very much at odds with on endangered species issues, as the only group that could actually pull off a recovery effort of this size . . .

And then . . . i finally come into possession of some of the supporting documents and discover that the big hoopla announcement was scheduled for May 18th by The Nature Conservancy and the various academic and Arkansas state entities responsible for the "big plan".

Okay for you math-impaired folks, that means we don't yet know about the Ivory-bill's continued existence for another 10 days . . .

What? What happened?

Well, when the group presented its evidence to the feds, who immediately jumped on the bandwagon (with a $60 million ticket to ride), there was an almost instantaneous leak that threatened scuttling the whole plan. So the rest of the group hurriedly arranged a quick press conference so they could blow their own horn before some USFWS lackey started tooting.

And of course, who gets to make the announcement? The lackey-in-chief Gale Norton, Secretary U.S. Department of the Interior.

I think there must have been some bitter elation among the pros who did the work.

But what's new? The National Morons haven't a single environmentally friendly tick on their checklist, and then they muscle in on the biggest scoop of the young millennium. (And speaking of the National Morons at work on the world check this out.)

"There goes my trust again . . ." And my support. And my arguing in their behalf.

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Thanks to Living the Scientific Life for most of these . . .


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