Monday, June 13, 2005

ATH: Highland Park wins STATE again!

William Lawson, one of the finest young men to ever grace Rio Vista, and his Highland Park Lacrosse Team, repeated as State Lacrosse Champions. That's perhaps not the biggest feat of the season -- that might be going 17-0!

They beat Episcopal School Dallas in the championship game 7-6 (which after a season of games, and a playoff bracket, ended with the #1 and #2 ranked teams playing each other for the title!). Will described the game as a nail-biter. He's a sophomore midfielder, played on last year's title team as a freshman, and has two more years to go, playing for what can only be described now as a powerhouse program.

In scanning the roster i also see that Chrispy Hoover plays for the team -- he's also a fine young man, and a Rio Vista alum. And as i rcall, another Rio Vista leader, George Thompson, was a member of the JV last year.

Congrats to William and everyone on, and associated with, his team. What a fantastic year!

Here's the group and some honors:

2005 Highland Park Lacrosse Varsity
Captains are: Matthew Fritts, Tommy Shuey and Bradi Covert

#1 Pete Stovall 12 Goalie
#2 Joseph Scaling 10 Attack
#3 John Dickenson 11 Midfield
#4 Matthew Fritts 12 Midfield
#5 Bradi Covert 12 Attack
#6 Ryan Fanning 10 Attack
#7 Pierce Brown 11 Defense
#8 Charley Dickenson 11 Midfield
#9 Bo Glasgow 10 Attack
#10 Trevor Smith 11 Defense
#11 Jordan Riek 12 Defense
#12 Casey Glad 10 Midfield
#13 Tommy Shuey 12 Defense
#14 James Walter 11 Defense
#25 Eric Genova 12 Midfield
#21 Brian Ladewig 12 Midfield
#22 Kolter Livengood 11 Attack
#23 William Lawson 10 Midfield
#24 Steele Struble 11 Defense
#26 Jack Boeing 12 Goalie
#28 Chrispy Hoover 10 Midfield
#32 Travis Gallivan 9 Midfield
#33 Harrison Powers 11 Defense
#34 Alex Carroll 10 Midfield

Head Coach Derek Thomson
Asst. Coach Chris Peters

Offensive MVP -- Bradi Covert
Game MVP -- Ryan Fanning
Coach of the Year -- Derek Thomson
All-American -- Matthew Fritts
All-American -- Tommy Shuey


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