Saturday, June 04, 2005

COM: About students, rights and speech

Having been both on the fringes (as a teacher) and at the center (as a student) of student newspaper/free speech issues, i always get a lump in my throat when i read of some other ambitious students getting waylaid by an authoritative sledgehammer-wielding administrator. The last issue i was involved in here in the old hometown ended up making the student a hero and exposing the administrator as a pompous Napoleonic ass.

So, with great interest i read about a group of students starting a blog to broadcast the shutdown of their school newspaper -- and gues what i find -- students as heroes, a sponsor as principled and ethical, and a couple of pompous Napoleonic administrative asses (one of whom has been promoted right out of his pompous position).

I have no advice for these fine students, but rest comfortably knowing that in this process they have and will learn more about rights and speech than they ever would have otherwise, and will probably become exceptional young journalists. Good luck to all of you . . .

Read the gory details at their blog (by starting with the first, very long post (at the bottom of the blog -- carefully noting the rather horrendous spelling and grammar of the administrators, not so with the students they critique, which would be embarrassment enough for any school district)), and then the rest of their blog, and the various other blogs which have now weighed in -- including Clicked on MSNBC. And then please help spread the word around on your blogs . . .

Speaking Underground by the editors of Brookspeak at Pebblebrook High School

Clicked at MSNBC

Unprincipled Principals and Principal Interest on My Life, Take II

Lazy Cat

Tyranny and Short-sighted Educators from Edgar's Education Blog

Some Lesson in Free Speech and Responsibility from BuzzMachine (Jeff Jarvis)

That's not all of them, but some of the better ones.


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