Sunday, June 12, 2005

COM: Better things in fruit . . .

I went to Thoughts from Kansas to see if my challenge to take up the book meme had, well, borne fruit. It had! And from there it was passed to Pat Hayes at Red State Rabble. It hasn't frutesced there yet but part of that may be that the author is in the middle of, and tackling head-on, the ludicrousness of teaching anti-science in Kansas science classes. I suggest taking a stroll there and reading all of his posts from this week.

My own personal solution is to have separate classes in all schools for those who want to learn ID and those who want to learn science. Each ID class student would be opting out of science (and, presumably, out of state and national testing standards) and would have to sign a prerequisite form along with their parents, to enroll. To take ID classes students would have to foreswear reaping the benefits of science -- medicine, gasoline engines, healthy food, buildings, gameboys, gravity, and the process by which the ink is made that is used to print bibles.

I likewise am just finding Thomas Paine's Corner by Jason Miller, through the passing on of the book meme to Thoughts from Kansas, and it will become a regular read.

He passes on this Liberal Creed from Roger Raino, with which i have no qualms about endorsing in toto. Thanks to Roger and Jason.

- I believe people are more important than things
- I believe all of our children should have access to a high quality education
- I believe we should respect those who are different than ourselves and treat them with dignity
- I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law
- I believe the most vulnerable among us should be protected
- I believe that while war may regrettably be necessary it should only be undertaken after all other solutions have been exhausted
- I believe encouraging diverse viewpoints makes us stronger
- I believe society should be responsible for endeavors that support the common good and are beyond the scope of individuals
- I believe it is my duty to pay for the costs of services government provides
- I believe it is wrong to dictate the beliefs of others
- I believe that none of us should be forced to live in poverty
- I believe everyone should have enough to eat
- I believe everyone should have a place to live
- I believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare
- I believe all religious traditions deserve respect
- I believe that those who claim to speak for God have not been listening carefully to the words of God
- I believe that “moral” positions which promote hate are actually immoral
- I believe I am responsible for my own behavior and the consequences of that behavior
- I believe that policy decisions should be based on facts and science
- I believe we should try to eradicate the root causes of crime
- I believe criminal justice should never be cruel
- I believe it is wrong to take advantage of others
- I believe we must resist the temptation of majorities to tyrannize minorities


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