Sunday, June 05, 2005

COM: Time for not much and a whole lot

As i write this little missive, it's nearly midnight, my office window is open, and i'm listening to a Great Horned Owl singing over in the vicinity of the aviary (and he no doubt sees all the tasty little doves in there).

Tomorrow at this time we'll have had an opening campfire ceremony for 200 kids, and they'll then be lying wide awake in their beds trying to figure out how to sleep in a strange bed with crickets and owls calling.

It's camp time and my days will be occupied 24-7 for the next 60 days because of it. That means i can't go running anywhere (like to Santa Ana for a new US dragonfly!).

But it also means 200+ kids and another 75+ staff scouring our 100 acres for all kinds of bugs and creepy crawlies that i might not otherwise find myself even with concerted effort. Every summer it's the same -- someone finds something really cool i've never seen before. And so i have some anticipation of teaching kids about some new and cool critters.

It also means a hiatus in my regular film-making, for those of you involved in that. Seems like the dang spring just slipped away (but yeah Ingram One-Act!). This summer i'll be doing my usual documenting of camp life, and maybe getting in some side projects, but Diogenes will now have to wait until August and then we'll have to get fast at it before all the seniors skip off to college (which, by the way, for those who haven't heard, Jonah got accepted to Harvard! no word yet on if he's planning to actually GO there, but i can't imagine him not).

So, write me, and stay in touch, and i'll be in touch, and be ready for August.

If you're a camp parent, welcome to my little space. Maybe you'll find something worth reading here, though most of my camp news will be appearing on the Bunk1 site.

See you at camp!


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