Friday, June 03, 2005

ENV: Not-Just-a-Cat-Friday

In a twist on my usual Friday posting, this time there really is a cat . . .

In some sort of bizarre serendipity i've been peppered with images of big vicious-looking animals today via email.

They are as follows:
An accidental lion/tiger hybrid significantly larger than either of its parents, and made into a cuddly pet just waiting for the chance to make popcorn of some small child. Update: Snopes already has a confirmation on this one . . . here.

A Grizzly shot charging at close range by a pistol-armed hunter. The bear was said to weigh 1600 pounds -- i'm waiting for Snopes to weigh in. Update: And here Snopes is, part true, part not quite true -- only 1200 pounds for one thing, and perhaps no charge, and not a pistol.

And, if you get the kind of giant critter emails i get then this whole Snopes page here ought to be of interest -- including the latest news on the mule vs. mountain lion story.

And finally, what are said to be gang-members patrolling streets in some town in Nigeria. Gang or not, they are walking Hyenas and Baboons on large chains. I don't believe much would mess with them.


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