Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ENV: Rather stunning . . .

are some moth photos i just came across while working on a couple of other posts. I'm waiting for pictures to upload to our website at work, and took a moment to track down participants in the book meme scheme that Aydin Orstan at Snail's Tales passed to me, and that i then passed on to five others. I wanted to compile a list of the influential books various folks have cited. While tracking the passings-on i came to The Natural Stone (which i previously recommended) and found that there are a couple of recent posts on new moths in the author's garden and some other places he's visited lately. They are all stunning, as is the list -- oh, what one can find in a small place. So . . . check these out . . .

Deeping Lake Insects and Spiders

Swaddywell Children's Day

Garden Moths


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