Sunday, June 12, 2005

ENV: Stranger at my doorstep . . .

This evening i was alerted to an odd larvae on the door jamb to my office. It was a funky key-lime-pie-green with an enlarged head that almost glowed orange in spots. I have no idea what it is, and don't have the usual references here, but am putting out a call to the listservs to see if someone will grace us with an ID.

Update: Bob Barber and Shawn Ashbaugh were the first to write me and say that this was a duskywing in the Genus Erynnis -- either a Juvenal's or Horace's. Both of these species are oak feeders -- a Plateau Live Oak, Quercus fusiformis, overhangs the door where this was found. And i've documented adults of both Juvenal's and Horace's on our place. Thanks to these guys and perhaps others (i'll know soon) who might have contirbuted IDs.

While photographing this critter i also noticed a snail aestivating just between the jamb and the brick wall. This one i know well -- it's a White Globesnail, Helicina orbiculata, and a particularly darkly marked one.
White Globesnail, Helicina orbiculata


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