Thursday, June 16, 2005

ENV: We're not in Kansas anymore

The ludicrousness of the attacks on science in the classroom could be no better illustrated than the garbage hearings recently conducted in Kansas. I've written little about it, because it's been so well covered in the blogosphere. Now that the transcripts are out and the sheer mendacity and charade of the whole affair is coming to light, i though it would be time to start compiling a reading list for those interested in following it more deeply from a logical standpoint.

With that i am listing a number of blogs below which have strong, reasoned arguments for everything there is to know in the battle. These are not links to specific posts, but to the blogs that covered the mess best (and by that i mean of the blogs i have discovered and read -- lack of a link here to an important commentator is more likely a lapsus on my part than any kind of dismissal). You may have to scan the postings (especially as time wears on and they drift into the archives), or look for category links that will take you to archived collections.

In addition there are links here to the more important websites (such at Talk which have collected essays, and voluminous data and references in defense of the issue.

I will continue to add links to this page as i find them (recommendations considered).


Thoughts from Kansas

Red State Rabble

The Panda's Thumb


Stranger Fruit




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