Friday, July 29, 2005

COM: Glitches

Somewhere along the line i lost half of my left navigation bar for reasons i can't decipher. It'll take me a couple of days to get it back in shape. Not that you need it but i thought i'd let you know. Meanwhile it's time for the Friday Ark and i'm working on that . . .

Update: Okay i still don't have any clue what happened, unless i was hacked, but half of my template was gone. I've restored the last full version i had (3 June 2005), and am working from a cached version of the list (23 July 2005), but will have to do a lot of reconstruction of more recent things, so please be patient if you get to bad links or find some obvious things not there anymore.

This will teach me of course to do more frequent backups of the whole template which would have solved the problem pronto.

Update Again 7/30: I'm still restoring some links, etc. but most of the bar is now back to near normal.

Update Again 8/1: Okay i think it's all good now, except that i may have added an obscure link that i can't remember and wasn't cached. So i'm back up to speed now.


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