Saturday, July 23, 2005

COM: Welcome to our Visitors

Again, to folks visiting from the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union listserv to check out Ivory-bills, here's the post, and check down the link list on the left for an entire section devoted to them.

Folks are arriving too from Science and Sarcasm to check out the Ivory-bill discussion -- and i highly recommend going to Bootstrap Analysis on this topic as well.

And welcome to visitors from afarensis here to check out snail-guzzling caterpillars. I haven't anything to add really, but plan to look into this further and post later. For further info, especially if you're a molluscophile or into the evolutionary bent, please check out Pharyngula and Snail's Tales as well as afarensis, all at the head of my daily checklist, along with the blogs above.

Welcome also to regular visitors from Henry's Webiocosm and to visitors via the Carnivals I and the Bird [brought to you by 10,000 Birds] at Charlie's Bird Blog and The Friday Ark at The Modulator.

Again, welcome everyone!


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