Wednesday, July 13, 2005

MSC: Lyle at ACL

Lyle is playing the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Friday at 8:15 p.m. I'll be locked away but YOU ought to go check him out. It's billed as Lyle and the Large Band, as opposed to his recent acoustic lineup of just James Gilmer on congas and John Hagen on cello. Recently i was informed that one of his guitarists has been Mitch Watkins -- well Mitch is a pro studio guy with some solo work under his belt -- but i most remember Mitch for having played Ritchie Havens' Freedom at my high school talent show (Mitch was a year ahead of me -- and Mitch, if you find this, Lloyd, Jenny and Teresa Allen say hi!). Now of course that's not my only connection, but you all who know, well, you know. Small world, tight circles, serendipity, and all that . . .

Thanks to BurntOrangeReport for the heads up . . .


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