Wednesday, July 27, 2005

REV: Burgers in America

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The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die
Alan Richman traveled 23,750 miles and consumed more than 150,000 calories while taking the measure of 162 burgers across the country—with one goal: to find you the best damned assemblage of ground beef and buns this country serves up

The hamburger is a symbol of everything that makes America great. Straightforward, egalitarian, substantial, and good-natured, it is also a little bloody at times.

It may come big and ungarnished, the East Coast ideal, tender and untroubled by bones or gristle, everything you look for in a filet mignon but seldom find. It may be the West Coast model, swelling with vegetation, brimming with health and well-being, piled high with all that a seed catalog can provide. A great burger, regardless of regional differences, instills a sense of optimism and fulfillment, that all is right at the table or the counter or the woodgrain, screwed-to-the-floor, fast-food booth.

At its best, it eliminates the need for conversation or the urge to glance up at the TV over the bar. If you find yourself eating silently, eyes closed, ignoring everything around you, even the unavoidable burger-joint din, you have come upon a burger that can be pronounced a success.
Here are the 20 best burgers in America

20. Hamburger Sandwich Louis' LunchNew Haven, CT
19. Our Famous Burger Sidetrack Bar and Grill Ypsilanti, MI
18. Hamburger Poag Mahone's Carvery and Ale House Chicago
17. Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese Red Mill Burgers Seattle
16. Hamburger & Fries Burger Joint San Francisco
15. Build Your Own Burger The Counter Santa Monica
14. Hamburger J. G. Melon New York City
13. Cheeseburger White Manna Hackensack, NJ
12. Hamburger Bobcat Bite Sante Fe
11. Grilled Bistro Burger Bistro Don Giovanni Napa, CA
10. Number Five Keller's Drive-in Dallas
9. Cheeseburger Burger Joint, le Parker Meridien Hotel New York City
8. Hamburger Miller's Bar Dearborn, MI
7. Buckhorn Burger Buckhorn San Antonio, NM
6. California Burger Houston's Santa Monica
5. Kobe Sliders Barclay Prime Philadelphia
4. Rouge Burger Rouge Philadelphia
3. Not Just a Burger Spiced Pear Restaurant at the Chanler Hotel Newport, RI
2. Luger Burger Peter Luger Steak House Brooklyn
1. Sirloin Burger Le Tub Hollywood, FL

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