Wednesday, August 31, 2005

COM: Announcing Blogarithmicly

Welcome to the first blogarithmicly, the carnival of links about links . . .

It's here: blogarithmicly

Each month (more often if there are enough links) we'll be presenting the best links we find on the net which feature comprehensive linkage to a narrow topic. This is intended to give folks a window into the opinions of a large number of folks on a certain aspect of world news.

We are not limiting these links to any particular side or viewpoint. In fact, we would most like to have significant linkage on more than one side. While this, for now at least, is not a traveling carnival, we do welcome suggestions for submissions. Please send them to milkriver.

The first blogarithmicly features: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design, John Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court, Pat Robertson on assassination, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker controversy, and Hurricane Katrina.


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