Monday, August 01, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #1

I always end up finding a lot more things in other blogs and the net than i can possibly summarize and link to in multiple posts (which is what i'd prefer). SO, today i'm taking a new tack, and starting a one post compilation of things i found interesting, worth reading, worth passing on (along the lines of Clicked, which provides a lot of source material, as do Pharyngula, Orcinus, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and myriad others). The big items that fit my various memes (literature, obits, soccer, lacrosse, music, theatre, film, enviro, dance, politics, etc.) will still get the larger treatment so i can link to them internally and have a strong archives -- but the many smaller, fun or interesting things, can now have their own brief due.

So this regular (if irregular) feature of the cool things of the day. I'm titling it based on my own coining of the word for the logarithmically expanding world of blogs. There'll be a link section on the left sidebar for archived versions.

Hope this works, and you find something cool or enlightening.

Skippy berates the Boy Scouts

He's an Ornithologist and he blogged his own major brain surgery!

I read this story at A Whip-poor-will several weeks and should have passed it on then. It was a simple, elegant, poignant story of the kind that i read to kids to make subtle points about the beauty of life. So i was just careening around some blogs and found it again and decided now is the time to pass it on. So here it is.

For writers who think it's necessary to explain everything, a note from Lee Goldberg at A Writer's Life.

About a National Theatre Company from The Playgoer.

Zach, the kid who was sent to Love In Action, and stirred a nationwide blog revolution has returned, and has started to blog again. Let's say some folks are unhappy with what happened . . . or didn't.

Urban Dragon Hunters partakes in one of my favorite obsessions -- adding Odonate records by county. However, in a quest to find damsels not recently located the net result was one less for the county! Check the story here.

Funny? This Too Much Coffee Man from tim O thompson, who may or may not be MY tim O thompson.

And then there's Ted Rall via Josh Rosenau at Thoughts from Kansas

And i've been wondering this myself.

And finally, for Blogarithmic #1, you know i'm a Jon Stewart addict, but one of tonight's clips is devastatingly funny. Go here, then click on Corddry with Bummer in the Hamptons. Then maybe click The War: Phrase Two, and Gays of Thunder, and Quitter, oh, click them al . . .


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