Tuesday, August 16, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #11

Blogging will be sparser than usual for the next couple of days as i finish prepping for my first blog carnival hosting job for I and the Bird #4! Look for it here on Thursday.

One has to wonder what the story is behind this . . . !

And new algorithms are producing some exceptional visual maps like these of the most news-reported countries and this of the most Googled nouns -- be sure to click on the "about" tags to get a feel for what's on display.

And since i am into movie reviews and all that, this click was a natural -- it's perhaps the biggest b-slap of all reviewing time -- and it's from Roger Ebert. I will be saving a copy of this for posterity.

I think this is simply a great post. (It's on journalism, the press, and the waning of being "on a mission")

Thanks to The Chronicles of Derek, Clicked

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