Wednesday, August 17, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #12

First, i apparently have overwhelmed the blogger archives, so i have to take a new tack, one that i've been contemplating for a few days. It's designed to not lose any of my material (especially from the archives since that is a huge reason why i post some of the things i do -- to make them permanently available).

So, here's the solution:

I will continue to post everything here on milkriverblog for a first look. As usual all of these things will be linked (the important things anyway) on the lefthand sidebar. My personal writings, and items of a personal nature -- friends, articles directly related to my projects etc. -- will remain here, and be archived here.

Non-personal posts (mostly politics and outside reviews), written basically by others, will be hauled off to milkriverarchive (a separate blog) after posting here a few days. These will then be linked via one of these blogarithmic posts -- and the permanent archive link will be used on the sidebar. The only difficulty will be that, if you saw an article and want to refind it, you'll have to use the sidebar -- you won't find it by looking in the regular archives.

With that in mind, the following posts are being hauled off today. Here are the new links:

Ebert on Deuce Bigalow

Restrictive Holds

The Other Side of the Seminole Story

Continued Coverage of Cindy Sheehan

Review of Grizzly Man

The Marrs Eudora Welty Bio

Coming Clean on Cindy Sheehan

Dying to Eat

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