Saturday, August 20, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #14 -- Kissing corpses

Thanks to Weekend Stubble, Kung Fu Monkey, Panda's Thumb, Some are Boojums, John Lynch, Pharyngula, NewMexiKen, Lights Out Films, Red State Rabble, The Pitch, and stranger fruit

NEWS: Justin Kendall in The Pitch unmasks Connie Morris as everything she is battling against. The Wicked Witch of the East has nowhere left to hide. I will be archiving this article here.

You know that CPR dummy we all got to practice on? Turns out the face of the dummy is from L'Inconnue an unidentified French drowning victim of the 19th century . . .

I have avoided posting on several big subjects in the last few days (partly because i have been busy prepping I and the Bird) because i knew there would be some outstanding commentary from the folks-with-better-handles. So here is some of that.

The ludicrous proposal to introduce Serengeti megafauna to the Great Plains . . . What's next, building an Ark . . . ?

The CNN Original

From Organic Matter

Organic Matter II

And who am i to turn down Chris . . . so here's WorldChanging's view

The Economist



and a weigh-in from The Invasive Species Weblog

An outstanding paper on the evolution of horses in the Americas has been published at the Public Library of Science here. I also have archived it here.

The five worst directors still working in film?

And this excerpt of a choice piece from Some Are Boojums titled "Ten Questions to ask your History Teacher"

Q: ALEXANDER HAMILTON. Why do some history textbooks give Alexander
Hamilton’s year of birth as 1755, and others as 1757? Why do historians
refuse to discuss, or even acknowledge, the controversy? Why do many
textbooks even claim that this (probably imaginary) figure was killed in a
duel with “Aaron Burr”? Take out a $10 bill and see whose picture is on it.
Do you think this duel actually occurred, and that the US then decided to
put the loser’s picture on its currency?

And finally some wisdom from the original wise ones of what we now call the U.S. -- from an editorial in Indian Country Today, the largest Native American newspaper.

In fact, the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) creation story is the living basis of
the ceremonial cycles in the longhouses of several reservations, source of
origin and the truth of existence for traditional Haudenosaunee. Yet, no one
here is suggesting that it be taught as ”science” in the public schools.

Every Native culture across the hemisphere (and cultures from all over
the world) would be in its right to line up, then, each with its origin story
and each justifiably, as much as the Judeo-Christian Genesis, with its right to
believe that its story is the true way that human beings came into

Given the choice, we prefer the non-religious and secular space, such
as public schools guided by universally shared scientific values and methods.
Let each people have its religious approach and way of prayer. The other
approach is a slippery slope to dangerous manipulation and intolerance. What
little the various human cultures and societies have in common resides in the
life of science and its search for open-minded truth.

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