Wednesday, August 24, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #18

Science and Politics with an astounding collection of links on the New York Times ID Series, with excellent background and followup. Fantastic work!

The Tangled Bank #35 is due out today at Cognitive Daily . . . will update when it's been posted. It has -- it's here. One of the great pleasures of reading blog carnivals (besides the many great posts that can be found) is finding some really fine new blogs (not that i need any more to keep up with). Today's Tangled Bank is no exception -- and i'd list and link to some that i found here, except that i don't want to preempt your taking a look at everything there -- so go visit! Update: and i should have pointed out, and forgot, that Dave was uncomfortable posting the more overtly political stuff in this week's TB and so there really are two(!) editions this week -- the more potent political posts are at WordMunger here. So check them both out . . .

August 31st is BlogDay2005. Check it out here. Blogs that day are to each deliver unto their readers a selection of five other blogs with an encouragement to check them out. I'm already making a list . . . and i'll focus on some excellent blogs that get little outside exposure.

After frying three hard drives last spring i lost all the IPs that were inextricably linked to about 30 websites i hosted. Some of those i have now relocated on the web. But some, like my personal sites, have morphed into blogs. Yesterday, way behind on posting articles for a group i hosted -- the Nature Writers of Texas -- it occurred to me that this could also be done in blog form. And so, still needing a huge archive transplant, but ready for reading of the more recent articles (mostly by the legendary Ro Wauer) is the Nature Writers of Texas blog.

You just gotta have complete and total respect for a national college ranking that puts Texas A&M in 7th place and UT in 23rd (yeah, i know that's politically the opposite of my lean, but i sorta graduated from the most conservative school in the nation). MIT tops the list, but you gotta love Yale and Harvard at 15 and 16.

Thanks to Altercation, The Project on Defense Alternatives and Carl Connetta here's a collection of full-text links to thousands of documents on these subjects:

Terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security

Defense Strategy Review

Chinese Military Power

Revolution in Military Affairs

Occupation Distress

War Report (Iraq & Afghanistan)

A number of my regular readers are aware that i hosted a blog carnival, I and the Bird, this week. It was quite a fine experience, and i'm gearing up now for my second, The Tangled Bank, in about a month. Anyway, in the last couple of days i've read two different lengthy posts about hosting carnivals (both of which i wish i'd read before this week, but which nevertheless confirm that many of the things i did were right). Anyway, if you've thought about hosting one here's the link to the one i found today (thanks to Clicked), and i'll dig around and find the link to the one i read yesterday. Update: I still haven't recovered that other link . . . but i did refind this one by Science & Politics' Bora Zivcovic, one of the carnival revolution's pioneers. . . ah . . . i found it -- at CoyoteBlog.

And here's Jon Stewart on the success of his show via Wired (and Clicked again) . . .

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