Thursday, August 25, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #19

With a quick one-two punch today, Lynn Barber hit 500 species in her quest to set an all-time US Big-Year record. She was hard at it the year (2003) that Eric Carpenter set the current record of 505. It was only a matter of time (and super effort) before someone topped the 500 plateau, and i felt like Eric was going to do it. Now Lynn, with the experience of getiing 485 in '03 behind her, stands an excellent chance of increasing the record, especially with a range of non-review species available (like all three scoters, which should be findable on Bolivar in late December). We'll keep up here -- but you can too at her site here.

I'll start up a new observations post later in the week, but thought i'd mention now that yesterday i had a six dove day -- pretty scarce in these parts (although an eight dove day is possible in the valley). Of course two of those are non-natives. But the rarity was a pair of Common Ground-Doves here on the property -- i have a couple dozen records for the county, but 95% of those are from the Kerr WMA in west county. I do have a record from between Ingram and Mountain Home some years ago. The others for the day are: Inca Dove, Mourning Dove, White-winged Dove, Eurasian Collared-Dove and Rock Pigeon (and an aviary with Ringed Turtle-Doves that i didn't count). Cool.

Update: it's early a.m (26th) and a big Axis buck is slapping a crepe-myrtle around about 50 feet outside my window. The Great Horned Owl and a couple of Easter Screech-Owls are hollering on the hillside and a Ringtail Cat is barking up a storm.

Yesterday and today there seems to be a noticeable influx of Lesser Goldfinches as well.

I'm no fan of raves, but i think government overkill is the greater danger. The videos (check out the media page) from this example of heavyhandedness look like a bunch of wannabe tank jockeys pretending they're in Iraq. This is simply another example of what has come of the license meted out by our wild west moron-in-chief. Thanks to Clicked, as always.

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