Sunday, August 07, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #3

Amygdala makes the point that a real hero is going unnoticed. Read his account here.

The British artist Banksy has been painting statements on the 425-mile long West Bank Barrier. Take a look here via The Guardian.

It starts out as a little music festival . . . be sure to click all the way through the series of pictures . . .

IdleWords, whose motto is "brevity is for the weak" with a lengthy snarkdown of the space program.

Accounts above thanks to Clicked . . .

I recently came across a list of problems managers have in getting things done by their employees, with the reasons things don't get done the way the manager expects. Especially telling were these items: +) They are punished for doing what they are supposed to do. +)
They expect a negative consequence for doing it. +) No matter the end product, it is always wrong. Hmmm.

This is so bizarre as to defy comment.


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